Identification guide for the wild trees of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands

The Royal Botanic Gardens and the Scientific Culture Area of the CSIC have developed, with support of the FECYT, this website and a free app to help you recognize trees.

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Arbolapp is aimed at anyone wanting to learn about or increase their knowledge of the trees they find in their surroundings. For this reason, an effort has been made to use understandable language and simple explanations without dumbing down the content.

ico_especies It includes 143 species ico_busqueda 2 different ways to search ico_ilustraciones More than 370 illustrations ico_fotos More than 500 photos ico_glosario A glossary containing 90 terms

Arbolapp does not need an internet connection to work, making it really useful for trips into the natural environment.

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What's new (March 2017)

  • Go to Arbolapp Canarias from the home page
  • Find out the name of the author and the rights of use for each photograph
  • Identify 25 further species (including box, pomegranate and European fan palm)
  • Discover 100 new photos and 70 new illustrations
  • Improve your searches thanks to the new identification key structure
  • Easily return to the start of your search by clicking the ‘reset’ button
  • Zoom in on the images in the information sheets to see details